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5 Best Tips for Office Relocation

Take it slow

For office moves, it's typical to plan five to six months in advance. Larger projects can stretch this period up to several years because moving involves a lot of factors that need to be taken into account. The slightest oversight can lead to unnecessary losses. For example, if you don't notify services of a change of address, bills will arrive at the old address until one day you find out about it.

Make an important decision

Choose a reliable relocation company. You will spend a lot of time on the move anyway. Either your time will be spent coordinating the details with the moving company, or moving on your own and fixing the unpleasant consequences. The latter will take much more time and money.


Discuss the details of the move with the building administration. In most cases, moving during business hours is prohibited. This is done so as not to interfere with other businesses. Typically, your move will take place on the weekend. Let them know the date to book the move, how long the process will take approximately. Also, ask them to keep the electricity and water on for the weekend, otherwise, the move will be very difficult.

Those in Charge

Assign two people in charge of coordination. The first supervisor should be at the old location and be responsible for packing and picking. The second will be waiting for the arrival and unpacking at the new office. Establish mobile or video communication between supervisors.

Some assign the task of control to three, four, or sometimes more people! The fewer people in charge, the better. Excessive advice and commands will confuse the movers and slow down the work.

Small but Important Things

If your office has a lot of plants or artwork. pick up one of the few companies that care about details and pay proper attention to luxury items. For paintings and statues, the right solution is to call in a specialist or use special packaging for art objects.