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New York Office Relocation Guide

New York is an active and big city with lots of business opportunities. Hundreds of businesses scale up and disappear every day. Young startups are growing, mature companies are optimizing resources for greater efficiency. These processes often involve a change of business office. Think about it, why would a company with 20 employees need an old 50-person office? 

If your company is considering or preparing for a possible move, these tips are for you.

Make a plan for a new space.

Any ideas where to put that blue couch or how to organize a meeting room with the company's top executives? You probably didn't have that option in your last office, but now you do. 

Distribute the furniture around the room, listen to the opinions of your employees. It may be important for Joe to sit by the window, or on the contrary, he would prefer to sit in the middle of the office. Everyone is different, talk to the employees, and it will have a positive impact on business. 

If the new office is larger than the previous one, consider adding furniture and equipment. Maybe you've been missing a coffee table or a couple of extra workstations for a long time. Put it in your plan.

Respect Rules and Play by them

Every building in New York City has an administration. These are the people who are responsible for keeping the building in optimal condition. They keep things running smoothly for businesses and quiet for people.

If you are thinking of moving, contact the building administration beforehand. This is to find out the details of the future move. First, you need to find out about the timing of the move. Usually, weekdays are not a good time to move your office. So book a weekend if you have to choose before you talk to the administration. Also, find out if the building turns off the lights and water over the weekend. Most often they do unless you ask them to leave them on for the weekend. Ask also about the necessary certificates, permits to use the elevator and parking.

Take Your Time

Usually, enough time is 6 months for small businesses, and up to two years for large companies. Try to schedule the move for spring or summer time. Then you'll avoid congestion and keep business downtime to a minimum.
You'll have to do a lot of planning, calling, and making arrangements. For example, you need to warn all partners several times about the move, refuse all long-term services, notify the various services about the change of address, get confirmations. It is also worth mentioning the tight planning within the company and the communication between employees. A perfect example would be IT department coordination to set up the system in the new office.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Commercial moving services are designed to move offices quickly and easily. Howus Moving specializes in office moves throughout New York City. What sets us apart from others is our unique pricing system and advanced customer service.

  1. You'll know the final price right away, which won't change in the future. 
Our estimate turns out to be correct in 95% of cases, in other situations we meet you halfway and leave the price unchanged. To make an estimate we take into account: the number of items transported, the distance between locations, and truck availability.

The time spent moving and the weight of the items does not affect the billing. We believe in transparency and honest customer relations.

  1. As part of our extended service you get:
  • The ability to move at any time. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fulfill any of your requests;
  • transport of plants and art objects. Unlike most companies, we are ready to take responsibility for your office plants, paintings, statues, and so on;
  • Experienced movers who do not skimp on packing materials and carefully move items.

Let us take charge of your move to keep you focused on business.