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A Week Before Moving: Short Checklist

  • Take care of small children and animals in advance. Ask for help from family or friends so that nothing distracts you on the day of the move;
  • Is there a previous store in a new location or will you have to look for a replacement? Make sure to check stores, clinics, gyms, post offices, banks.  Also, do not forget to check subscriptions;
  • Make sure every box has a label on it. It’ll accelerate packing;
  • Your address appears in the documents, so you have to update the driver's license, identity card, and other documents within a specific time frame;
  • Sort the things by following basic categories:
  • Pills and other medication;
  • Cables, wires, and chargers;
  • Important items for children. For example, favorite toy;
  • Pet items such as food and vitamins;
  • Drinks and snacks;
  • Blankets, pillows, etc.
  • Clothes;
  • Toilet accessories.
  • Arrange to meet with the owner of the house to deliver the keys on time;
  • Have an emergency kit;
  • Always change the locks for additional security. Buying a new house or renting doesn't matter, keep it safe.

Use this checklist to save time and effort.