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Relocation Safety Recommendations

Howus team knows firsthand what excellent security is. In this article, we will share the top 3 relocation safety tips with you.

Moving is a big event that requires a lot of preparation. Opting for a company is the first step towards a smooth move. For everything to go like clockwork, it is important to select an experienced team that will take safety precautions into account.

Remember about prohibited items

One cannot box or transport some goods on trucks as they are prohibited for carriage by US law. For example, flammable or highly toxic substances.

Often the following should not be transported: aerosols, varnishes, paints, active chemicals, and perishable products that can attract insects, damaging the transported goods. Also, movers will not take responsibility for batteries, compressed gas cylinders, reagents, and some household chemicals such as bleach.

Consider self-transporting especially valuable items

For essential items, consider transporting yourself. While large vintage furniture is best transported by the company, some small items can be taken with you for complemented security. 
Before relocation, read the insurance terms and conditions to make sure you’ll receive compensation in case of damage. This way you will avoid the unnecessary fuss.

Keep necessities close

Take care of the little things in advance so as not to complicate your life:
  • Prepare essential items that may come in handy on your first night;
  • Pack the medication in a separate container and put it in the car for easy access;
  • Make sure you have enough cash as you don't know the new area. Wandering at night looking for an ATM is not the best idea. A couple of hundred should be enough for the first time. Fold the bills in your wallet and put them away so they can't be seen.

Follow the tips to diminish the quandaries.