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What’s the Best Thing You Can Gift Your New Neighbor?

A brightly colored sign that says "For Sale" can only mean one thing  —  you will soon have to meet your new neighbors. They are just as hopeful as you are that they will not regret their decision to move to a new place. You will probably be living next door for a long time. Therefore, the logical solution would be a small gift that will establish communication and set the tone for many years to come. We've prepared a list of things that every neighbor will appreciate.

If You Are a New Neighbor

Grandpa from the Smith family is famous for his meringue all over town? You can ask him to make some for your new neighbors. Giving edible presents it is important to remember that people have different taste preferences. Some people may have allergies or intolerances, others don’t like the taste of avocados. Particular caution should be exercised while choosing desserts and sweets. It would be much easier to pick up a few local products and simple dishes with natural ingredients than to dive into allergies details.

Use your talents, connections, and skills. Have you been into origami since childhood, or maybe you are a professional video director? Perhaps you know a media personality that your neighbor mentioned in passing? What if you're a great guitarist who's looking for a band? Maybe your neighbor wouldn't mind playing on the weekends, either. Use your experience to make your neighbor feel good.

Planning a move in advance? Get to know your neighbors ahead of time and ask them to join the upcoming relocation. Thus, you will not only chat a lot during the process but also complete the work much faster. Or use a reputable moving company to pack the stuff, and visit the Johnson family yourself. Who knows, maybe it's the start of a lasting friendship?

Remember, it doesn't really matter what your gift is. First and foremost, show friendliness and genuine concern. People appreciate this and open up in return. Perhaps not immediately, but someday it will happen.

If You Welcome a New Neighbor

A basket of necessities and other handy items. Moving requires a lot of time and effort, so only a few people think about, for example, duct tape or batteries for the remote control. Rummaging through boxes looking for a pair of light bulbs is a pain. Giving your neighbor a few of these little things will save him unnecessary agony. Most likely, he will remember it for a long time and thank you in the future.

If you happen to spot a furry one when your neighbors move in, it makes sense to give the owners something for their pets. Toys, cabin decorations, etc. If you know how to process wood, it can be a house for the pet. Dogs like to bask outside on hot days, while cats prefer to be inside the house, where it's cozier. For practical people, special pet food, accessories, or clothing is high esteem. Modern owners appreciate going for a haircut, a bath session, or a nail trim certificate. Make sure the gift card doesn't expire in a couple of days. No matter how much your neighbors love the pet. There are more important things to do at first than go to the pet's haircut.

Show a little ingenuity. You can help the newcomer out with your knowledge of the neighborhood. You might be able to mark on a map where one shouldn't park or how to avoid early morning traffic. Little things like the friendly cashier at the closest Costco, the positive bartender at the local diner, or the loving dentist at the clinic across the street  — all of that make a good gift that your neighbor will appreciate.