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Guideline: How to Label the Boxes

This article is for you if you have refused additional services when moving and decided to pack your things on your own.
In order not to fight with a pile of nameless boxes, wondering which one contains your razor, you need to correctly label them.

The process requires a little bit of preparation. One of the labeling methods requires markers and stickers, so buy them at your local store and you're ready to pack. Now let's discover methods to label:

  • Using numbers;
  • Using colors;
  • Digital labeling;
  • Space-based.

Numbers make sense

A suitable option for people who prefer logical thinking. The bottom line is simple: mark the boxes with numbers on both sides. On the third side, write the name of the destination room so you know where to carry it. To save time, you can pre-write the contents of the boxes in a notebook and arrange the numbers. Thus, everyone will see the numbers, but no one except you will know what is inside the boxes. Write down the contents on different sheets, or take a photo and send it to yourself by mail.

Use the power of colors

More creative labeling. The point is to assign a specific color to each room. For example, the living room is blue, the bedroom is yellow, the kitchen is red. Try to use the features of your home. For example, if you have a large blue painting hanging in your living room, then it would be logical to write about the living room in blue.
You can also use colors however you like. It's a creative way after all.

If you decide to call your friends for help, be sure to color the rooms in your new home. The easiest way to do this is to hang a colored leaflet on the door that matches your color system. In our case, we mark the entrance to the living room in blue so that everyone involved knows what to do. Otherwise, you risk being misunderstood.

Modern approach

Use the mobile app. It will allow you to photograph the contents of each box and add additional comments about the destination. You don't have to write everything down by hand. 
This method is useful for long-distance transfers between states, or if the process is delayed and you need to leave things in storage.

You can go even further and use QR codes. Each box has its own code. You create a text file and write the contents of the box into it, and then transfer the contents to a QR code using the program.

If you're tech-savvy, this can be a great way to have fun.

Space-based method

Method for those who like consistency. Take one room at a time - as simple as that. Collect the boxes in the bedroom, wrap them up, and put them together. Repeat the procedure for the rest of the rooms, and then move to a new location and do exactly the opposite.

Make sure the boxes stay with their relatives. If a couple of boxes get lost, chaos won't keep you waiting. Combining this method with the above described digital or color sorting leaves zero chances for any mess.

Helpful tips

  • Running out of tape? You can use regular glue to attach the sticker to the box and label it. Spread the glue evenly over the surface, and lean against the box;
  • Use additional markup. How should this box be handled? Maybe it can't be turned over or twisted? Apply the inscription so as not to forget. For example, write "fragile" on a box of handmade glasses;
  • If you have children, involve them. Kids love to draw, write, and color — use this. You will kill two birds with one stone: first, increase productivity by using helpers. Secondly, you will entertain the children, which means you do not have to be especially vigilant to prevent another mischief.
  • Follow the 1 + 2 rule. Be sure to label the box at the top, it is also advisable to attach the sticker to the two sides. It does not twist heavy boxes unnecessarily, which will save a lot of valuable time.
If it seems to you that you cannot do it alone, you can use the services of professional packers. Contact us today and we'll book your services at a great price.