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3 Ways To Make Your Moving Day Less Stressful

Regardless of the conditions, there are general rules for the industry. It doesn't matter what your budget is, whether there are strict time limits, or how many boxes you need to transport — the result is the same. 
Competent planning and following the advice of professionals will help make the relocation as comfortable as possible. In today's article, we have prepared the best tips for moving day.

Reserve enough time

How does a typical self-organized relocation work?
As a rule, people underestimate the amount of time it takes to pack. In fact, it is quite easy to fall into this trap. At first glance, it may seem that wrapping things in protective paper, and putting them in a box does not take much time. Indeed, the wrapping process itself is relatively simple. However, those who are new to moving do not take into account the fact that first, it is necessary to plan the order of packing. 

You should not start the process by wrapping fragile dishes or glasses. Large and heavy items should be packed first. There are essential items that we recommend to pack separately. 

Have you estimated how long it will take to pack? Feel free to double the result, so you don't end up sitting in the corner of the room with an annoyed face because you don't keep up with the planned time. The approximate time it will take to pack a 1 room house is 3-5 hours, for a two-room house — 5 to 7 hours, and for a 3 room house — 7 to 10 hours. We are talking about intensive packing, with short breaks. If you don't want to see half-packed and crumpled up scraps of paper in boxes, allow plenty of time for packing, or use the packing services of a professional moving company.

We know firsthand about competent planning. This is a shortlist Howus Team suggests: 

  • Collecting of packing materials;
  • Connect the management of the building and moving; company for better performance. Don’t forget about the insurance certificate;
  • Sort out your things. Take important ones and throw away others;
  • Don’t forget any room in the house;
  • Keep it clean. Make laundry before moving;
  • Take care of the fridge. Activate defrosting and wait for ice to melt;
  • Be prepared for unexpected events. For instance, your pet may catch flu;
  • Last but not least — check everything before leaving.

If you follow all the steps, your move will not take long.

Stay tuned

While a move can rattle up the nerves of an entire family, it is important to stay focused on the main task and remember why you are doing it. Perhaps, this is a promotion at work or replenishment in your family.
Self-organization of the move is always bumpy. Lost small items, erroneous sorting, broken plates, and so on. Maintain a positive attitude and don't be overwhelmed by the little things. If you feel that you are not coping with the volume of tasks, call friends, colleagues, and family for help. It will be easier to pack together. Tension is unlikely to be avoided, so humble yourself and treat everything with a light sense of humor.

Prepare for changes

If you are surrounded by routine, just try to move. Then you have no choice but to deal with many changes every day. Starting from replacing your favorite Wholefoods to finding a proper gym. Life in a new place starts from scratch, so we advise you to check the following in advance:
  • Check the utilities;
  • Consider a new school for children;
  • Healthcare;
  • Daily subscriptions.
Choosing a car repair shop is quite simple, unlike picking a financial consultant or a veterinarian, which will take additional time to make an informed decision. Therefore, we advise you to use the search in advance and analyze the available options. So that when you arrive at a new home, you do not have to waste time on daily tasks.