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How to Fit the Furniture Through the Door

Imagine spending a few hours packing, carrying heavy items into your car, and moving them to a new location. Here you are standing on the doorstep of the house, with furniture in hand, and you understand that it doesn’t want to crawl through the doorway. An unpleasant situation that you can easily avoid by reading our article.

Take Measurements in Advance

Measure the entrance doors in the old and new home. Also, write down the dimensions of the corridors, elevators, stairs (consider the location and height of the railing). Don’t neglect a step, which can save you a lot of time and effort.

Consider Disassembling

If your cabinet has legs, reduce the overall size by removing them. For dressers, bedside tables, credenzas, remove the handles. Large wardrobes, armoires, bookshelves can often be disassembled completely.

Change the angle

If you have already taken measurements, and the furniture still does not fit, then twist the furniture and try other angles. As a last resort, remove the door frame. This will win you an extra few inches to squeeze the furniture through the doorway.


It’s a service in which furniture is brought into the room through a window or balcony using a crane. This requires professional training of a minimum of 3 individuals. Request additional information about service from the Howus Team manager.